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MMMint is soft gel mint with a liquid center that is a modernized, new take on a product that is centuries old.

MMMint is pronounced “mint”… (duh!).

That’s easy. Sound them out and that’s the sound you’ll be making after the refreshing flavor of MMMint has settled in and done its job.

Unlike its predecessors, MMMint comes in a soft gel mint with a liquid center. Once ingested, MMMint’s outer shell dissolves in about 5-9 seconds and opens up to a burst of robust but delicious mint flavoring that stays with you and leaves you feeling refreshed. The liquid center coats your mouth and begins instantly refreshing and awakening your senses. The outer shell still full of flavor; dissolves in another 5-9 seconds, meaning MMMint has completed its purpose in under 15 seconds. No more cotton mouth, red residue, or high amounts of sugar from these outdated mints. That means you can get rid of those boring mints that restaurants and stores push on you for something that taste, feel, and represents who you are inside, BOLD.

MMMint is currently sold online on our website at

MMMint can also be found at your local retailer, and if not, let us know and we will work on getting it there.

You can also order MMMint on Amazon.

Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Mint Flavor, Coconut Oil, and Palm Kernel Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Aspartame, and Silicon Dioxide. 

Note: Contains Coconut and Gelatin.


Coming Soon: CBD Mint, CinnaMMMint. and Citrus Mint, Mango (Mexico).

For wholesale inquiries, please send us an email to

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MMMint, pronounced “mint”, is a modernized new take on a product that’s centuries old. Use MMMint when you need something that tastes, feels, and represents who you are inside — BOLD.

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